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Habbo Extreme
Welcome All Habbo's

Welcome all Habbos and Hobbas to a all new world of Habbo Hotel. We have many features on this site made for you even a log in so you can go straight into habbo without finding the web adress.

Our ambitions of this website to is to help you learn more about Habbo, have compititions to win great furni, to get all popular rooms ,mafias etc and also for all Habbos to know thier accepted at Habbo Hotel.
We decided that habbos needed more adventure and excitement, so me and my friend decided on a chat that we will help those in need and so we came up with this idea to have a web showing top Habbo names, Habbos that are loyal and aide by the Habbo way and habbos that want to advertise a job, modeling or even chill out place.
We hope You enjoy this site because we enjoy making it.


What's New?

This is a new website so updates every hour will be made.
Nemisis101 + jaymiester

A web blog will be made today thankyou.

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