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Habbo Extreme


All Staff Members

Welcome to Staff Page. Here you can view all Habbos that help keep this site updated.
Because this is a new website we are looking for some staff. Staff do get payed but only when prometed in this site.
Our staff are not Hobbas but they are on a mission to become Hobbas. They have been playing Habbo Hotel for quite some time so they are here to give Their Knowledge.


Here are a list of Staff below:

Nemisis101 Profile
Habbo Name : Nemisis101
Position        : Manager
Message      :  Have a good HaboDay

Jaymiester's Profile
Habbo Name: Jaymiester
Position       : Assistince Manager
Message     :  Hit a Scammer with a Hammer

J4ymi3st3r's Profile
Habbo Name: J4ymi3st3r
Position       : Assistance Manager
Message     : Stay in HabboWay and you be OK

WackyDaffy's Profile
Habbo Name: WackyDaffy
Position       : Manager
Message     :  Do not SCAM

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